Construction Management Little Rock Arkansas

Commercial Pre-Construction Management

Our collaborative approach uses the latest technological solutions, communications and innovative ideas during this phase. Our services include feasibility studies, sustainable construction and life-cycle analysis, cost estimating, procurement, scheduling, logistics planning, value analysis, site safety planning, as well as constructability and design reviews. Our experienced team review all concepts and documents for cost implications as well as completeness and correctness, making sure every project provides practical results. Using detailed estimates and project budgets, our team will identify details that could decrease the project cost or construction duration.

Construction Feasibility Studies

Pre-construction feasibility studies consider the options for satisfying the client's needs. This enables the client to prepare a business case for deciding whether to proceed with the project. It is possible to outline the planning application during this stage if there is potential for the project to not receive planning permission, or if delays in receiving planning permission would be problematic. We suggest the construction manager is appointed on completion of concept design. Earlier or later appointments will result in some activities being re-allocated between the consultant team and the construction manager. Design then starts with a schematic design (SD) stage, followed by a design development (DD) stage, and culminates in a construction document (CD) state.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

An (LLCA) Life Cycle Cost Analysis is a pre-construction methodology for assessing the total cost of a construction project. It provides a high level overview of all project costs of acquiring, owning, and disposing of a building or building systems. The Life Cycle Cost Analysis is especially useful when project alternatives that fulfill the same performance requirements, but differ with respect to initial costs and operating costs, have to be compared in order to select the one that maximizes net savings. For example, a Life Cycle Cost Analysis will help determine whether a high-performance HVAC system, which may increase initial cost but result in dramatically reduced operating and maintenance costs in the long term, would be cost-effective or not.

Construction Cost Estimating

Construction cost estimating is part of the overall construction management process. Our construction and engineering cost estimators provide our clients with detailed pricing from a construction project’s conception phase to closeout. We maintain databases of historical and current local, national, and international construction and engineering cost figures including labor, material, and equipment costs. We are equipped to prepare cost estimates at various stages throughout the construction process for projects nationwide. Our services consist of conceptual project budgets, construction bid estimates, contract cost review, fixed price estimates, value engineering cost estimates, material escalation analysis, claims pricing and evaluation as well as project closeout costs.

Construction Logistics Planning

Logistical planning is imperative for any construction project because it can provide massive benefits in efficiency and productivity as well as helping to reduce the overall cost of the project. When a workforce is not able to continue working because they are missing or waiting on the arrival of materials, it can have a negative effect of holding up other teams involved in the project. Good logistical planning makes sure materials can be delivered together so that each stage of the construction project can continue unhindered. An essential part of logistical preparation for a construction project is in choosing the most capable and reliable partners to provide the source materials. Effective logistical planning can make the difference between a project being completed early and under budget or quite the opposite. Management of all project-related transportation, warehousing and site-deliveries in the most cost-effective manner available to meet the project schedule demands.

Constructability Reviews

This process is a review of the drawings and specifications, confirming exactly the project the owner wants, and identifying potential obstacles ahead of time which can help prevent delays, errors and extra costs. A constructability may take a bit of extra time and effort, but there are numerous benefits to this process that make it well worth it. The benefits include avoiding delays caused by construction documents errors or omissions, reducing the amount change orders, lowering the risk of lawsuits and claims, limiting general conditions and administration cost during construction, providing a better understanding of the construction documents, improving communication and relations among the project team members as well as the the overall project design, providing a better understanding of the construction documents, improving quality, providing the ability to plan for a difficult scope of work, logistically or technologically, and provides the ability to plan ahead and pre-assemble components off site.