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Safety and security films

3M safety and security film is an impact-resistant laminate that improves the safety of glass by holding shattered glass in place in the event of terrorism, crime, or vandalism.  The need to safeguard your building and the people in it is very real.

Together, we can increase the level of safety for everyone. 

3M Safety and Security Film Protects People in Many Public Areas: 

Educational institutions
Church buildings
Bus shelters  
Retail environments – businesses susceptible to smash-and-grab

Delays entry by intruders and increases response time
Cost effective solution for existing glass
Increased protection from flying glass
Optional tints and view obscuring films limit visibility from the
outside into buildings
Installed by shields & associates 3m certified technicians

reviews from our clients

“Great people to work with! Whenever I have visited a job site they are on top of it and attentive to my visit. I trust their leadership from top down. I’d suggest them to any one that has a big or small construction job needing to get done.”

– Ashel Parsons

“Ken and Hunter at Shields have been absolutely wonderful to work with. They are both knowledgeable and pleasant in their communication and they are diligent in their efforts to meet the needs of their customers and partners. Thank you both for a great experience!”

– Josh Borie


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